Collection Men - Luxury French leather sneakers for men and women
Daniel Essa - Marque de luxe française fabriqué à la main en Italie



“ADN” is the world’s first customizable luxury boots. Reflects our vision of inclusivity and unity. It’s an invitation to join our universe and unleash your creativity in this one of a kind fashion journey. The boot features a timeless design that is minimal, comfortable and light. It also features 12 rubber straps that you can customize. This sneaker is trend-proof, making it your safe ticket for every season, year on year.

Toi & Moi


The brand’s signature “toi et moi” sneakers are a classic modern piece in casual footwear and a must have in every wardrobe. With its timeless sleek design and signature customizable laces, “toi et moi” are the perfect choice for anytime of the day.



The world’s first customizable luxury sneaker and the only pair you’ll need in your wardrobe. With the unlimited possibilities for customization, "Nous" is a fun one of a kind style experience that you can express your individuality through.

Low Tops


The possibilities are endless with Daniel Essa’s minimalist take on the classic tennis shoes. A sleek slip-on featuring a toecap with a triple seam using smooth leather. The handmade sneakers are comfortable and easy to style from day to night. The pair of kicks you’d want to pack for vacation. Check the inside for a hidden message.



Make a statement in Daniel Essa’s light slip-on Runners. When luxury, comfort and design meet, a timeless statement piece is born, and that is what Daniel Essa’s Runners are all about.

High Tops


The fearless yet minimal design of the high-tops, makes them the perfect statement piece to be paired with any laid-back look. Setting a new benchmark for comfort and design in footwear, high-tops use neoprene and certified sustainable leather making them durable, versatile and easy to wear.



Daniel Essa blows a breath of spring to your wardrobe with his new collection «AMA». A bouquet of flowers delicately picked from a patent leather will add subtlety and color to your shoes. Pink, green, beige, or white are all soft tones that perfectly match the golden shine of the metallic rivets on which the straps are attached. Like a blossoming flower, let this new fresh and feminine edition charm you with its beauty.

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